Don’t Stop Believing

It’s once again Sunday everyone. And while I’d like to say that this week I’m feeling 100% better after my breakup, and that everything is back to normal with me…it’s not. I’d be lying if I said I was. To you guys, and more importantly (no hard feelings ya’ll) but to myself.


Breakups are hard. Life is hard. In fact I was trying so hard to move forward and keep a smile on my face for the past week and a half that I got myself sick! Since last Sunday I’ve been battling a throat-destroying cough and now the most irritating nose ever. I quickly realized that not allowing myself any time to wallow in any self pity was wearing me out and one way or the other I was going to end up feeling miserable. So what did I do? I let it seep in. I let the facts sink into my brain and let myself process exactly how I was actually feeling. I was hurting quite badly. I mean how awful is it, to have to end a relationship with someone you care for deeply just because you two aren’t on the same page.

And I’ll admit, I broke the breakup code. I texted him, to let him know exactly how I had been feeling (not in-depth mind you) and asked him for his specific reasoning as to why he felt we should end it. His reason was the same as mine. And with that, I got what I needed. I got closure. Knowing that at least in that aspect we had been on the same page. It’s helped me tremendously in the healing process, and the last week has been a lot better (minus the sick feeling).

So the meaning behind this week’s quote, inspired by Journey? Don’t stop believing in life, in yourself, and in others. Keep hope in your heart for your next adventure, and keep believing that the world is not just a place to get hurt. It’s a place of joy, of beauty, and of wonder. All you have to do is believe, and you’ll see it. It takes some work, but I’ve been trying to do just that. To believe. To believe that everything will be ok, that I’ll make it through this, that some day I’ll find someone that will be on the same page, and that until then I will be perfectly fine and I will be happy. And so will you.

till next post, Katie

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