Live. Love. Dream.

Life is hard. There’s no easy way to go about it, or to go about saying it. But that’s what makes it all the more important to try to live by this week’s quote…
live love dreamBecause at the end of the day, it’s not about the plan you have for your future. For all you know your “plan” may never work out. What’s important is to live each day to the fullest. To take it one step at a time and take things in stride. And even more important is to be able to let each day go when it comes to an end and not allow any bad things to effect tomorrow.

It’s also important to love. What is life without having something or someone to love? It becomes pointless and empty. Even if you’re feeling bad right now, I’m positive that if you look around you’ll find that there is someone there for you to love, and that loves you back. While it may not be a significant other, it could be your mom or dad, a sibling, perhaps a very dear and close friend, or maybe even your cat. But there is always someone to love, and there is always someone to love you back. This should also come to mean that you should try to love others, to treat everyone with the same kindness and respect that you’d want to see. Because while your waitress may have just messed up your order, she could be having a terrible day and may feel like everything is going wrong in her life. A single act of kindness and compassion could change how she views the rest of her day. A single act of that compassion or love could be what keeps that stranger on the street from deciding that life isn’t worth living anymore.

And, while it’s imperative that one doesn’t live for tomorrow, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dream. Dreaming is what gives you hope and goals and gives you a drive to keep moving forward. To take that leap of faith, to start a new business, or ask your crush out, to ask for the raise that you know you’ve earned. Without dreams, there is no tomorrow.

It’s a balance of these three things that makes a good life. To be able to live each day to the fullest and allow yourself to let go of any bad things at the end of each one. The ability to treat others and yourself with love and kindness. The strength and courage to dream big and reach out for those dreams when they are in reach, even if it means the risk of falling.

I hope you all have a great week.

till next post, Katie


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