A couple of weeks ago I went on a little shopping spree with my brother and found this new toy called Sprukits. They are basically like Warhammer figures, you buy them unassembled and on plastic sprus. Then you pop the pieces out and pop them together. I was so excited to find these, especially since the figures looked so detailed, and as if they might look like they were realistic models after assembly. Let’s see how they turned out.


Like I said, they come on plastic sprus that you have to pop the pieces out of. After popping them out all you have to do next is follow the detailed instructions to put everything together. No glues or paints needed, so this could easily become a great activity for younger kids on a rainy day, especially if you want to avoid them being plugged into electronics (hey, I’m a gamer sure, but I realize the damaging effects of constantly being hooked up).


They’re super easy to piece together, and once assembled they surprisingly don’t look like something that would’ve come out of a box in pieces. As you can see above, the helmet looks like it might’ve just been part of a full figure! So it made it even more rewarding to see my own little Master Chief come into creation right before my eyes. The only downside of the process was that the model came with some stickers, which I am usually awful at applying. Luckily my brother is enough of a perfectionist to be able to withstand the frustrations of getting them perfectly aligned. XD

Once assembled, I had a full Master Chief to display! The figure is all ball joints, so it’s surprisingly poseable, and sturdy too. I definitely don’t have to worry about pieces falling off if I bump the table or bookshelf he will reside on. This figure came with two pistols, an SMG and Battle Rifle. All of the weapons are able to clip to a holster or hook on Master Chief, so you can easily choose what (if any) weapons you’d like him to equip. Again, he looks ridiculously realistic for a put-together model!


Interested? While I believe Sprukits are a fairly new phenomenon & only have a few figures available right now, the ones they do have are amazing looking. You could get a Mew or even Batman! And I believe they make Joker too, I’m hoping they’ll come out with a Harley Quinn so I can get both & have my beloved duo. 🙂 The figures also come in different levels. This Master Chief was a level 3, with 161 pieces total, but the level 1 and 2 models have fewer pieces, making assembly easier.

I am a huge fan and must say I will definitely be getting another figure sometime soon!

till next post, Katie


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