Weekly Rewind 8: Have I Mentioned How Much I Love Disney?

Because I feel like that’s been a running theme lately here. Disney this, Disney that…I suppose you could say I’m obsessed / in love. ❤ Last week was pretty great, to say the least. Mostly because of my weekend of course. 🙂

Saturday was our first day of the family’s weekend stay at Disney, and we spent in at Epcot!

I have to say I’ve got kind of a love/hate relationship with the place. On the one hand, there really isn’t all that much to do besides walk around and look at the few buildings they have for each country, the shops are too few and there really aren’t that many rides…but THE FOOD!

Anyone that knows me at all knows that I love to eat. So you can only imagine how happy it makes me to walk to each of the little food vendors and get to try so many different foods from around the world (sort of). For the flower festival they had Fruishi (fruit sushi) in Japan! – yummy btw –

And while the Flower Festival is supposed to be mostly about, well, flowers & their various topiaries like the Timon & Pumba one in Africa, they still have lots of food (no where near as much as compared to the Food & Wine Festival though).

So for the first day we spent walking all around Epcot, eating to our hearts – and stomachs’ – content. And of course ended up going to the cabin we rented feeling ridiculously full. And even though we left the part around 3 in the afternoon, we all felt tired and ready to chill out at the cabin for the rest of the evening.

On Sunday we woke up bright and early to get ready to make our way into the Magic Kingdom for our breakfast reservations at the new Be Our Guest restaurant in the new part of Fantasy Land! Can I just rant a little bit about how amazing the inside of the castle was? And how even though the food was simple it was soooo yummy? And how beautiful the Magic Kingdom looks in the early morning before it’s filled with people?

Walking into the restaurant was like stepping into the Beauty and the Beast movie, the ballroom was beautiful and the ceiling was just breath-taking!

And while there really wasn’t a lot to choose from on the menu, it all looked so delicious that it was actually quite a challenge to pick one thing. Guess it doesn’t help that I like to eat…ha! I ended up settling for the platter of cured meats, cheese & bread. Like I said, super simple food but oh so delicious and actually filling.

Oh and just a side note: the orange marmalade it came with is simply fantastic! And coming from a person that generally isn’t a fan, that’s gotta mean something. The rest of the day was spent meandering around the park, walking through a few shops and hopping onto a ride when the heat got to be a little much. Oh and guys! I finally got a half decent picture of Rapunzel’s tower!!!! I am so happy and proud to present:

One day I will get the most stunning picture and will share it with you guys! Now the only bad thing about trips like this, is that eventually they have to come to an end. And while two days ended up feeling like a long while, somehow at the same time it felt much too short. But alas we had to go back to reality, for the next day we had to go to work and go back to our normal lives.

The rest of the week was fairly decent, and now that the snowbirds are leaving town things have started to slow down at the clinic again, which is honestly kind of nice for a change. In fact on Monday we didn’t even have any surgeries. I was so happy for Wednesday to come so that I could get laundry and some cleaning done that I normally wouldn’t tried to do on the weekend. And now here we are again, the end of another week, but tomorrow is the start of a brand new one!

So that’s what happened last week, and yet another post on how much I love Disney XD How was your week everyone?

till next post, Katie


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