Fight Song by Rachel Platten

This week’s quote is honestly nothing more than lyrics from Rachel Platten’s song “Fight Song”. I heard this while listening to my iTunes Radio, and words can’t explain how much this song touched my heart and soul. It’s like this song was written for me. This week’s image was inspired by the official lyric video on YouTube, which I’ve linked below. I highly recommend listening to it. In fact, no other words are needed to explain why this quote is perfect for this week. I’ll let the song speak for itself.

fight song

I’ve pretty much had this song on repeat on iTunes 24/7 since I discovered it. So be strong everyone, keep pushing forward. You can do it. I know that life is difficult. But don’t let the bad times get you down. Show the world that you’re better than whatever messes it can throw at you. ❤

Have a good week everyone!

till next post, Katie

NOTE: I am not receiving any form of compensation for writing this post or sharing the mentioned artist’s music/video/lyrics. I am not affiliated with the above mentioned artist. The image I created was inspired by the artist’s music video. I am in no way claiming artistic license to the music or imagery in the video.


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