April Loot Crate Reveal!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m excited about this post for 2 reasons. Reason numero uno: this month’s Loot Crate was fantasy themed (which I’m all about btw). Number two: I posted my very first (awkward) video to YouTube! I know the quality isn’t that great, but until I get more serious about doing YouTube videos I’m stuck using my iPhone camera to record things. So enough of me blabbering about, let’s get into the good stuff! Enjoy!

Again, sorry for the crummy quality and awkwardness, but hopefully it’ll get better. 🙂 What did you guys think of this month’s Crate? Would you like me to make more videos? Let me know in the comments below, and if you’re interested you can now find me on YouTube as – you guessed it – The Beautiful Geek!

till next post, Katie


6 thoughts on “April Loot Crate Reveal!

  1. primusgamereviews says:

    Yeah I want to get into Game of Thrones too, but then you’d have to pay for HBO and cable’s so darn expensive. I think Hulu uploads the seasons later on (not sure). At the moment I’m not paying a hefty amount of cash for one show. As for Loot Crate, it looks pretty awesome, I’m definitely gonna check ’em out!

    • Katie says:

      Supposedly you can watch it on Hulu, though I haven’t had time to do my research. I have my Netflix and have thus far been happy with it, so until the time comes when I desperately want to watch GoT, I’ll hold off on shelling out more $ for one show.

      • primusgamereviews says:

        Heh yeah pretty much the same here. I might just start reading the books, everybody says they’re great. I think this way I can get into the lore, and a great read at the same time!

      • Katie says:

        That’s a brilliant idea. I may just do the same, though the books may sit on my shelf for a while due to my ever-growing list of books I need to read. XD

      • primusgamereviews says:

        A seemingly endless stack of books? Yeah I’ve been there, although for me its because of uni. Hahaha T_T

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