Do or Do Not, There is No Try

As an early celebration of May the 4th tomorrow, this week’s quote is inspired by none other than our favorite little green Jedi, Yoda. Throughout the entire series, Yoda has been a symbol of wisdom and patience, something we could all use more of.

do or do not

I think that this quote has a message that all of us can relate to, whether you’re into Star Wars or not (and if you aren’t, what kind of uncultured swine were you raised by?! lol jk I still love ya). It essentially means, well, it’s actually quite literal.

There is no trying. You either do it, or you don’t. Succeed or fail. Everything in life is like that. You either succeed in going through with that new fitness routine or you bail and fail. It’s either you stick with your goal of eating better or you “forget” and pig out on chips and ice cream – and whether or not you do it at the same time is your call. You could choose to reach your goal of reading a book every month or you simply don’t reach it.

If you make a plan or set a goal, there are only 2 possible outcomes. The first one is that you go through with the plan or you reach that goal. The second outcome is well, failure to be blunt. And if at first you don’t succeed….well you guys know how that saying goes. After that you have 2 other choices, to keep at it until you finally do succeed, or give up.

Just remember this guys: no matter what choice you make, even if you decide to give up, it doesn’t make you any weaker or worse off than you were before. You still experienced something, and hopefully learned something from that experience. You now know how best to or not to do something or reach a certain goal. And you can use that for the next time you decide to give it a shot.

till next post, Katie


One thought on “Do or Do Not, There is No Try

  1. primusgamereviews says:

    I always loved that quote. Star Wars although a piece of science fiction, in many ways has very important life lessons. From the lesson of fear to the question of; will you sacrifice your morals for power? Lucas did a wonderful job creating such a great universe, I’m proud to be a Star Wars fan!

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