Weekly Rewind 10: Star Wars Day, Summer is Coming, Skin Sadness & Other Little Things

This week’s been a pretty good one actually. I mean, what better way to start the week off than celebrating one of the best Sci-Fi creations known to man, Star Wars? Yep, Monday was the un-official/totally official Star Wars day, aka “May the 4th Be With You”. Even Siri was celebrating.

Pop quiz. If the 4th of May is known as “May the 4th Be With You”, what is the 5th? Answer: “The Revenge of the 5th”! 😀

I’d also like to share with you guys how excited I am that summer is finally coming back to Florida! Anyone that knows me understands how picky I am when it comes to weather. I hate it being too cold, and I hate how humid it can get in summer. But for the past week it’s been fantastically beautiful outside every day, so it’s hard not to smile and enjoy the cool breeze and warm sunshine. Especially when our Four O’Clocks are starting to bloom again.

However, no matter how happy the weather has been making me, for whatever reason my skin has been breaking out like I’m 13 again. :/ So I’ve been using a lot of my zit/acne fighting beauty products again, and while re-reading the usage directions I noticed that it typically says to apply the product to the affected areas on your face. Which, in my case right now, is essentially my entire face. Thus, this little comic was born:


Don’t worry, I already know my artistic skills aren’t that great. lol.

Also, I’ve started to realize I’m becoming addicted to subscription boxes…because I am now subscribed to Ipsy Glam Bag (super excited for my first one btw) which is a $10 monthly beauty bag. Sidenote: I am NOT affiliated with Ipsy, and I am NOT receiving compensation for mentioning them on my blog. And, I also decided to try out a new one called Candy Club, which is (you guessed it) a candy box! Let me know if ya’ll would want me to do a little review/reveal here on the blog about it. 🙂

till next post, Katie


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