Have Courage & Be Kind

I felt like this was the perfect quote for Mother’s Day this year, seeing as it came from Cinderella’s mother herself. And what mother wouldn’t want her child to live up to these words?


Now I know the movie’s been out in theaters for the longest time now, but I only just saw it a couple days ago (I know, I know). But I feel like these are words we should all aspire to live by. And I know I say that about a lot of the quotes I choose, but there’s just something about this one in particular that has a different kind of meaning.

I believe that it’s important to always have courage. Courage to face your fears, to step into the unknown, to take that risk, to open up your heart. To be brave and strong enough to keep pushing through our battles, however difficult and trying they may be. And, sometimes, courage and bravery means more than taking a risk or facing one’s fears. It can mean having to put aside your own wishes and dreams for the wellbeing of another. Much as mothers, or parents in general, often have to set aside their ambitions or dreams of adventure in order to ensure that they can give their children everything they can, and to help their children achieve their own dreams. In my opinion, that’s one of the most difficult kinds of courage to have, and the most admirable.

And even more important, one should strive to be kind. It’s often hard to think about kindness, especially in the world we live in today. Whether you’re dealing with a moody customer or a random rude person on the street, it’s all too easy to stoop to their level. But if you always try to be kind to others around you, eventually it will rub off on everyone else. Remember, your one act of kindness can make the biggest difference in someone else’s day. And that one act usually, if not always, has a ripple effect on the world around you. Even if you don’t see it happening, it’s there.

So let’s make a promise to ourselves and each other, to do our best to have courage and be kind, and maybe we can help make the world a better place. And since it’s Mother’s Day, don’t forget to take a moment to thank your mom for everything she does. To all the mothers reading this right now, I wish you the happiest of Mother’s Days. ❤

till next post, Katie


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