200 Follower Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Alright everyone, it’s finally time to reveal the two winners of the giveaway I set up a week ago in celebration of my tiny blog reaching a whopping 200 followers! The two winners will be gifted with a $20 e-gift certificate to one of my favorite places to shop, ThinkGeek!

source: thinkgeek.com

I would like to pause this for one second, just to make a small disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with ThinkGeek in any way, shape or form. I am NOT receiving any form of compensation for using their website as part of this giveaway. This giveaway was entirely planned and carried out by me, and each of the items mentioned were purchased by me as a gift to the winners.

Before we go ahead and reveal the two winners, I’d just like to take a moment to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, for supporting this blog and giving me a reason to keep right on posting here. It means a lot to know that there are others out there that actually enjoy reading what I put up here. And each like, each follow, each comment drives me to try harder and work harder to get even better content here for you guys to read and enjoy.

It’s hard to believe that when I started this little blog it was with the main intention of showing the world my nail art ideas…and from there it’s blossomed into what I think is one of the most beautiful internet-flowers I’ve ever imagined it could become. I’m excited to have reached this milestone with you guys, and I can’t wait for the many more to come.

But enough procrastination! It’s time to reveal the two lucky people that get a little extra spending money the next time they visit ThinkGeek. Drumroll please….

-The 2 winners are-




Congratulations you two! I hope you enjoy the gift certificates! So now comes the next step. LadySue & FunLovinTravelers, if you could both head on over to my Contact Page and shoot me a little message, I will then use the email address you provide there to send you your e-gift certificate of $20!

That’s all for now everyone, again, thank you to each and everyone one of you that has helped this blog grow and become what it has. Now, what are your favorite types of posts to read here? What kinds of posts should I do more of? If you have any suggestions or ideas, I’d love to hear them! Let me know in the comments section below!

till next post, Katie


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