Learn to Dance in the Rain

Sunday is upon us once more. And with it, a new quote to give us a little bit of strength when we find ourselves down on our luck or feeling low during the coming week of trials and tests of strength.


We all have our own problems, and we always will have something, somewhere in our lives that we all wish we could fix or change. That’s just how it is. And a lot of the time, the things that are causing us stress are things that we cannot change.

But much like a rain storm, these problems are going to pass. And while we can’t do anything to change the fact that they do indeed exist, there is something we can do. We can accept what they are. And learn to live with them until they come to pass. We can learn to stop letting certain things bother us, and just run with it. Or, more literally, we can learn to dance in the rain.

In another way, it also means that we should always try to make the most of our situations. Sure it’s pouring cats and dogs outside, but why not go outside and dance in it? {note: I wouldn’t advise doing this if it was a thunder & lightening storm…} We complain so much about our lives, and all about things we can’t change. So why let those things bring us down when we can let it go and enjoy what we can of it?

What does this quote mean to you guys?

till next post, Katie


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