Tiny Polish Haul!

I used to be one of those people that used food as a way to express my emotions. If I got upset or bored, my stomach would become a black hole of hunger and I would be capable of eating everything in site. But for some reason, over the years that’s changed and now, whenever I’m upset or bored I go shopping. This time I had had a stressful day at work and needed to stop by the grocery store for a couple of things.


I don’t know when I’ll learn that I just need to stop walking down the beauty aisle, I mean it’s not like it was anywhere near the coffee creamer I needed to pick up. But for whatever reason the polish on the shelves were calling my name, singing sweetly to me as sirens call to sailors in the tales of old.


Sand Storm by Sally Hansen

For some reason I’ve been obsessed with collecting nude polishes lately. This is a gorgeous nude cream that, true to it’s brand’s name, dries particularly fast. Even better, one coat creates full coverage, so this one is perfect for the busy geek!


Show Steel-er by Sally Hansen

In the bottle this polish looks like a super pretty gray, but once applied it seems more like a gray-toned purple, which has me completely smitten with this polish. Like Sand Storm, Show Steel-er goes opaque in one layer and dries very quickly.


Heatwave by Wet n Wild

Ya’ll know I’m addicted to this line of polishes. 😉 So of course I had to pick up this super bright and summery coral-red polish. I can’t wait for summer to come now so I can wear this happy color on all of my nails.

salt water taffy

Salt Water Taffy by Covergirl

I’m not a fan of many green polishes, but there was just something about this cool, pale, almost pistachio-green one that caught my eye. Being as pale as it is, it did three layers to become opaque, but it dries fairly fast so it’s totally worth it.

rotund raspberry

Rotund Raspberry by Covergirl

Can I just say how in love with this one I am? It’s been forever since I’ve worn a deep berry polish and this one is just…wow! Rotund Raspberry is a beautiful polish, going nearly 100% opaque with one coat. This polish is super glossy and the smooth application is like a dream!

I can definitely say that Rotund Raspberry is my favorite out of this batch of polishes. What’s your favorite color to wear? Let me know down below!

till next post, Katie


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