Weekly Rewind 12: My Life is Crazy

I realize that I completely missed last week’s weekend posts. So now I’ve got 2 weeks worth of life stuff to update you guys on!

Ya’ll know how I’ve got work, family life and pets to juggle along with this blog and then working on starting a biz on the side. So naturally, I’ve got a busy schedule. Well, in the last week or so my schedule has gotten even busier. Because something has happened, and I don’t even know how to begin to understand how it’s happened so ridiculously fast…. I’ve met someone. And we have so much in common, it’s not even funny (just a taste, both of us have named our vehicles “Sheila” after the tank in Red vs. Blue).

So where I would normally take my days off during the week to do laundry, work on blog posts, play with the dogs and do a little bit of cleaning up…I’ve been spending them with him. For some reason I can’t help but want to spend more and more time with him. The levels that we’ve connected on is kind of scary, considering that we’ve only known each other for a few days. Yet we just understand each other on this entirely new level.

What’s even more mind-boggling to me about this entire thing, I’m the kind of person that typically jumps headlong into a new flame, giving it my all. But this time, this time I want to go slow, very slow in fact. Maybe that means something? Maybe it doesn’t. But usually it doesn’t take over a week of dates to come to verbalize that we want to be exclusive. It’s just odd this time around, that I could be so deeply connected to someone so fast and yet having everything else move slowly.

I’ve decided that this is for the best, however. In a way it’s like getting into a wonderful hot bath. You know that it’ll feel amazing once you’re entirely submerged, but you still have to just ease in slowly, letting yourself gradually adjust.

So now the struggle has gone to a new playing field. I have to find a way to find the perfect balance of work, family, pets, blog, business…and now this new flame. Any suggestions?

till next post, Katie


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