It’s Ok To Be Afraid

This week’s quote was inspired by one I ran across earlier this week by Premjit Lourembam… it's ok to be afraid We already know that I’ve found a new flame. And it blows my mind that I could ever be scared of something that I’ve been wanting my entire life. Love…but love is such a powerful emotion isn’t it? So powerful that for ages it’s been the cause of feuds and arguments, the fuel for so many touching works of art and poetry, and countless books, plays and movies. So maybe it’s not so insane that I’m terrified of jumping into this. If you’re facing a similar situation, take this quote to heart. It’s ok to be afraid of these new found feelings.

It’s healthy, even, to be hesitant to take the plunge. All that it means is that this is important to you, and that it matters a lot how things play out. Being afraid of falling is a result of having loved before and having gotten hurt. I know how you feel. No matter how perfect this new person can be, you’re scared that they will hurt you just as badly as the last person did. Take the plunge with me, even if you have to slowly ease into it. Even if, like me, you can only stand to keep your toes in the water right now. I hope that you’ll be able to eventually jump in, and I hope that when you do, it’ll be fantastic and the best thing you’ve ever decided to do. till next post, Katie


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