Weekly Rewind 13: Life is full of disappointments, but…

Happy Saturday Sunday my lovely geeks! How was your week? Anything interesting happen? My week has been a mix of the same and some new, which is always a refreshing change.

Last Saturday afternoon after work the family and I all went down to Disney for the afternoon to go to Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios. However, while my brother and I went in with high hopes and bright eyes, what we saw there caused us to leave with nothing more than crushed dreams and disappointment.

You know how geeky conventions are essentially a gigantic geek fest? Everyone decked out in awesome cosplay? Yeah…it was nothing like that at Disney. There were a few people there dressed up, mostly children. There were only a couple of special stores opened up for the event, all of which held merchandise that were mostly cheesy and not-so-special tshirts, cups, and the like. And while there were a couple of cast members walking about dressed up as some of the characters, I feel like that alone wasn’t enough to quite call it “Star Wars Weekends”. Personally, I feel like it was nothing more than a money grab for Disney. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it was just the wrong day, or even just the wrong time of day.

But moving onwards, even though last Saturday was a bit of a disappointment, something else happened to make up for it. Remember that new flame I mentioned? Well, we’ve made it official. And my parents actually met him last night at dinner. And they liked him! So far everything still just feels like a dream. How could this person, someone so fantastic and smart and sweet…how could I have ever managed to hook and reel in this special person?

Forgive me for the sappy love-filled gooey posts you’re bound to read within the next few months, I promise I’ll try to keep it to a minimum. 😉

till next post, Katie


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