Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liquid Liner

If there’s one thing in this world that is true, it’s the fact that I love things that sparkle. For some reason, there’s just something about sparkley stuff that captures my attention like a cat with a catnip mouse. So add this to my ever-growing love for makeup and other beauty products and of course it’d make sense that a glittery eye-liner would be perfect for me. I mean come on. Who could give up an opportunity to turn their eyes from normal girl eyes to fairy eyes in an instant? So without further ado, here’s my thought’s on Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Liquid Liner.


The Heavy Metal Liquid Liner comes in 7 different “shades” or “colors”, including a golden glitter & black glitter. But I was drawn to this one, Distortion, the most. Probably because it’s the one with the most sparkle, and it’s pretty much a rainbow in liquid eye liner form.

It does come in a brush form, so while that does take some practice and steady-handidness, it’s totally worth the effort to go from a plain black winged eye to…


BAM! Sparkle. The best part about this is that you can gradually build up the liner to have as much or as little of the glitter on as you’d like. I, naturally, prefer a lot of glitter. And it’s such a subtle and simple effect, just to layer it over your normal eyeliner. I’m excited to start trying out different techniques and experiment with different ways of using it.

Again, it does come in a tube with a brush, so unless you’re experienced with this type of liner it’ll take a little bit of practice to get a good feel for it, but the brush is stiff enough that it doesn’t make using the product difficult. I did notice that some of my waterproof eyeliner did transfer onto the brush itself during the application process, but this doesn’t bother me too much since my prefered liner colors are all dark anyways.


Another nice thing about Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal liner is that the glitter particles aren’t all one uniform size. They are a variety of sizes, which makes for a brilliant way of catching the light and bringing a little bit of brightness and pop to your eyes.

I can definitely see using this one in particular for either a fairy or mermaid look. And if you really wanted to you could probably pretty easily brush some across your eyelashes, for those that – for whatever reasons you have – feel like glittered eyelids aren’t enough.

I wore this liner on top of a waterproof liquid liner to Disney for my birthday, and everything stayed in place all day – even after we got rained on! So while this means it’s great for wearing all day (or all night, you know it’d be great for parties) it also means you have to work a little harder to remove it when the fun is over and it’s time to go to sleep. It is pretty simple to remove though, it only takes a little bit more work to make sure none of the sparkles got stuck on your face during the cleaning process.

So far I haven’t found anything bad to say about this liner. Obviously, if you don’t like glitter or sparkles then this is definitely not for you, and I wouldn’t recommend wearing this to most places of work…however it is absolutely fun to wear to theme parks or just out and about.

What do you guys think? Have you tried any of the other colors?

till next post, Katie

NOTE: I am not receiving any form of compensation for writing this post, nor am I affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies/brands/organizations. I purchased the above mentioned product with my own money and all thoughts and opinions posted here are my true and honest opinions.


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