4th Of July Nail Art

So I know I don’t usually make posts on Wednesday, but I also haven’t been very good about keeping my schedule like normal…oops. So to make up for it, I worked extra hard to create this new design for the 4th this weekend. I really hope ya’ll like it, it took way more thought and experimentation than I expected.


As per the usual, this design is fairly simple (because who has time – or patience – for intricate designs?). All you do is start off with a good white base coat on all of your nails except for your ring finger, & paint your ring fingernail blue. This can just be a plain blue if you’d like, this is the only one I had on hand.

The next step is to paint on a red french tip to the white nails. This can be done freehanded, or using tape to mark off the section, or whatever other french tipping method you prefer to use. Once that’s all good and dry, you use a blue polish and striping brush (a toothpick could work for this fairly well) to create the “firework” – esque designs.

Products used:

  • Correction Tape by Spoiled (Wet n Wild)
  • Blue Boom by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear
  • I Red A Good Book by Wet n Wild Megawear

I hope you guys liked this design, let me know what you thought in the comments below! What are your plans for this weekend? Anything exciting? I hope you all have a great (and safe!) holiday weekend!

till next post, Katie


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