Weekly Rewind 15: Adulting Is Hard

A lot has changed in the last 3 months of my life. A new boyfriend, moving in with him after about 2 months…it’s only two things, yet it’s changed nearly every aspect of my life.

So needless to say, I’m still in the very difficult transitioning period. Not only am I learning how to live with each other (not difficult, but a process nonetheless, as with any relationship when you start living together). But I’m having to once more get used to living away from my parents, and having to be an adult again.

Which means no more spending money however I like whenever I like, because now I have to save and make sure I have enough for bills and rent. Having to actually cook again (and quickly realizing most of what I know how to make is pasta dishes…), dishes, and other basic household chores (I’m talking to you, tile floors that make it necessary to sweep and mop almost every 2 days).

So it’s very likely that as I try to transition into my new life here with the BF & my new 2 roommates and their pets, I’ll be making more home-related posts. Probably along the lines of organization for small spaces (turns out BF and I have the smallest room…whomp whomp), maybe some new recipes (because I’m serious about the pasta thing), and perhaps some more DIY projects.

I will, for sure, try to get back into the swing of my posts again. I promise!

Here’s to a new beginning, more posts, and new posts!

till next post, Katie

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