Shine Like A Star

Aaaand we’re back on track folks with our quote of the week my precious geeks! This week’s quote was heavily influenced by a new piece of jewelry I got (I know, weird) recently.

I got it about two weeks ago when my long time friend came up for a visit, and of course we hit up the mall for some long-needed girl-time shopping….anyhow, back to the point.

shine like a star

In a world where there’s so much negativity and doubt, when you look around and see the media shoving imagery of what you “should” be like (girls and guys alike), when you have days or weeks or even months of self-doubt or even self-loathing…we have to try to realize that we are all special and unique.

We were all made to look different for a reason, so why try to hide who we are and try to be like everyone else? Why not embrace our differences and use them to empower us? Why not shine and glow as brightly as possible by being our own true selves? Because when you do, I can guarantee that yes, there will be those who don’t like you. But the ones that do like you, and there will be plenty of those, they will love the real you. People admire those that are their true selves, because deep down we all wish to have the same courage and confidence to knock down the barriers that society has forced us to build inside of us. The barriers that tell us how to act around others and in public, how to dress and what to say…Where’s the fun in being the same as everyone else?

So maybe you have a silly laugh, or your sneezes are obnoxiously loud. Perhaps you have an obsession with puns and your family face-palms at least once a day due to your constant puns (that would be me). Who cares? Those are the things that make you incredibly special in your very own way. And you know what? There is someone out there that doesn’t care about your loud sneezes. Even though you hate that laugh, someone in your life is deeply in love with how genuine it is (BF I’m talking to YOU). The things that you thought made you too different, or weird, those are the things that someone out there admires and loves about you.

Please, stop hiding. Open up and shine! Let the world bask in your glow! Shine like the star that you were meant to be! Not only will you be generally happier with yourself and your life, but you’ll quickly realize that people like you just the same, if not more, just by being who you really are.

till next post, Katie


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