The #1 Nail Product I Swear By

*this is not a sponsored post, all products mentioned have been purchased by me. I am not affiliated with any of the brands or companies mentioned below. I am not receiving at form of compensation or writing this post* 

I am constantly changing up my nails. They’re either painted with an awesome design, trying out new false nails or stickers, or coated with my favorite gel polish. So it’s no surprise that when my nails put on their birthday suits, they aren’t always the prettiest to look at. That’s why I always go back to this one product, which has time and time again rescued my nails and helped them get through even the roughest of weeks. instantartificialsfeat.Ladies & gents, meet the number one product I swear by for my nails. Instant Artificials, found at the local Sally Beauty Supply store. I’ve been using this protective and restoring base coat for years, and since finding it they now have a formula made specifically to help nails heal from gel manicures too, which I’ll have to try out. 

Essentially, this is the only base coat that I’ve ever found that truly protects and strengthens my nails. As you can see from below, in just one week my nails can go from dry, short and peeling to stronger and longer nails, which means I can trim off the damaged parts faster. instantartificialsTrust me, I’ve tried a ridiculous amount of base coats. But this is the only one capable of standing up to a job that’s abusive to both hands and nails. 

What’s your go-to nail product? 



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