My Top 4 Fall Polishes

Monday I presented my favorite 4 lip colors for fall, and today I’m here to share my top 4 polish colors for fall!

Fall is by far my favorite season, so being able to express it on my nails makes me very very happy. 😀

1. Haze of Love by Wet n Wild


Haze of Love, what better name for this gorgeous creamy deep rose polish? This is by far my favorite of these four polishes, but that’s mostly because I’ve always favored shades of red and pink.

2. Wet Cement by Wet n Wild


This is the tamer of all four polishes, but that doesn’t mean that Wet Cement is any less worthy. This one is probably more office-friendly than my other picks, so for my working professional geeks out there this pretty taupe is for you.

3. Disturbia by Wet n Wild


Pictures never give this beauty any justice I swear! She may look like a black polish, but I promise Disturbia is a deep, deep, very deep shimmery purple (very fall-appropriate).

4. Envy by Ulta


Like Disturbia, pictures don’t do Envy much justice either. But, while you can clearly tell this is a green polish, what pictures somehow fail to communicate is that Envy is more of a peacock green than anything else, with very subtle hints of blue throughout.

There we are! My 4 favorite fall polishes. Which was your favorite? What colors do you always pull out for fall?

till next post, Katie


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