Every Rose Has Its Thorns

This quote has been one of my favorites ever since I read the book ‘Esperanza Rising’ by Pam Muñoz Ryan when I was in fifth grade. It’s about a young Mexican girl whose father passes away, leaving her and her mother alone. They go to America in search of a new life with Esperanza’s grandmother and some farm hands. At one point in the book Esperanza complains of her life having so many problems, to which her grandmother replies with “Every rose has its thorns”. Meaning that every life, every person, has their own set of issues and problems. No life is perfect.

every rose

I like to think of this quote as a reminder of that fact. That no matter how awful things may seem to you at this point in time, it’s a part of life. That even if you were in a different life or were someone else, you’d still have problems to deal with. So why not deal with the ones you have rather than worry about how someone else may or may not have it better than you? Nothing good ever comes from asking the sky why your life has these problems. Nothing gets solved or fixed from doing this.

So why waste your time and energy doing something useless? If anything it just makes you feel worse by focusing your energy on it. Instead, use that energy on finding a way to make things better for yourself. On fixing the problem. We’ve all had our fair share of issues and look at us, we are all still alive. You’ve made it this far, why stop now? Even if you had more money, were more popular, or if you were smarter, you would still have some other issues. You might compare your life to someone else’s and think that you’d gladly trade your life and problems for theirs. But you don’t know everything they are going through. For all you know, they’ve got it much much worse.

Do your best, and just remember that while you may be wishing that you had this or that to make your life easier and problems gone, someone else is looking at your life and thinking the same thing.

till next post, Katie


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