Today Will Be A Good Day

Monday is coming, and Mondays…well let’s face it, they SUCK. Big time. But today’s quote is more about inspiration than anything else. Tomorrow, when Monday finally arrives, just remember:


If you can even get yourself to believe this for a moment in your sleep, groggy-eyed haze in the morning, you’ll do just fine the rest of the day (and week). I think that a huge part of how we feel about each day is in our heads. If you wake up with the idea in your mind that the day to come will be awful and horrible and gross, well you’re already setting yourself up for a bad day. It will make you feel bad about the upcoming day, and so your mood won’t help anything.

So maybe, if you just keep thinking that the day will be a good one, maybe it’ll boost your mood a little. And then, maybe good things will actually come to pass. I’ve always been a believer that negativity breeds negativity, and the same goes for positivity (from my talk you’d think I wasn’t a natural pessimist). But try it out, when you first wake up in the morning, try to think about the ways your day will actually be good.

Instead of thinking about that board meeting you’ve been dreading, think of grabbing that warm cup of coffee or tea that you love. Or settling in for a filling breakfast. Or think about seeing your favorite co-workers and how you want to tell them about your weekend adventures (if you’re social with them). You’d be amazed how your mindset alone will have a gigantic effect on the rest of the day.

Remember, happy thoughts! (pixie dust doesn’t hurt either 😉 )

till next post, Katie


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