Planning for Disney

The family, BF & I are going to be spending all of this upcoming weekend in Disney! So this week I’ll be doing a lot of planning for mine & BF’s activities & outfits. Because yes, I’m that girl that loves Disneybounding, and I fully intend on bringing BF into it. XD So today I’ll be sharing the characters that I’ll be drawing inspiration from.

We’ll be spending Friday – Sunday at a resort for the occasion, and we are also going to the night-time Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom Friday night. So I need a total of 3 outfits, maybe 4 to have a spare on hand in case of weather issues. And it’ll actually probably be a bit cold so yay!

My first character duo are my two favorites

Rapunzel & Eugene

So these two should be fairly simple. For me, the important aspects will be a light purple & floral patterns. I’ll have to do some digging to find the right pieces. But I’m thinking of highwaisted shorts, a floral or light pink tank top, lavender button up & possibly floral leggings. Shoes will be simple for Rapunzel, nude flats if it’s warmer or a light pair of boots if it’s cooler out.

As for Eugene, all that will be needed are a khaki pair of pants, boots & either a white button up with a vest or a similar toned button up. And I actually do have a tiara that we could bring to dress it up lol.

Minnie & Mickey Mouse

How can you not go for a classic? I’m pretty much all set, in fact I have two options to go for. I’ve got this really cute red dress with white Minnie Mouse heads or a pair of red & white dotted high waisted shorts that I would pair with a black tank or crop top. Shoes, easy, black flats/boots.

Ideally Mickey would be red pants, black shirt & shoes. BF however, doesn’t own red pants or even a red shirt. He does have a red vest, which will work with cooler weather. So his outfit will most likely consist of dark gray pants, black shoes, a black or white shirt & the red vest.

Ariel & Eric

Another favorite, these two will be easy-peasy. Where most Disneybounding gals focus on Ariel’s land-outfits, I plan on wearing purple & green to play off of her mermaid version, which in my opinion is more fun.

As for Eric, this will easily be pulled off with blue jeans, a white button up & black shoes. I’d go for a red belt as well to really pull it together but that’s one this we don’t actually have. 😦

At some point during the week I’ll take pictures of the clothes I’ll have picked out, and over the weekend post pictures of the outfits in action!

till next post, Katie


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