Fall Sparkle Nail Art

It’s been quite a while since my last nail art post eh? And to be honest, life has just gotten me so busy that it’s hard to find time to sit down and do some decent nail art, let alone just put on a single color. And for whatever reason, be it life or stress or whatever, I’ve just been struggling to come up with good designs. But now I’ve finally been able to pull off something that I’m proud of!


It’s really, really simple. Promise. You’ll need 2 colors & 1 glitter/metallic/shimmer polish & something to make dots with. This can be a dotting tool, toothpick, bobby pin, or sometimes even just using the polish brush works if you’re careful. Here’s the colors I used:

  • Haze of Love by Wet n Wild: Megalast
  • Sugarcoat by Wet n Wild: Megalast
  • Gilded Rose by Maybelline: Color Show

I painted my thumb, middle & pinky nails with Haze of Love (a good dark color). Then I used Sugarcoat (a complimentary light shade) on my index & ring nails. After having applied two coats I then used Sugarcoat & a dotting tool to carefully add the dots to my middle and thumb nails, & used Gilded Rose on my index nail. And of course, top everything off with a good protective top coat to keep that design safe and shiny and pretty.

I would just make sure that whatever colors you decide on, the accent glitter/metallic/shimmer polish should compliment the other colors. So, for example, if you decided to do black & white or maybe navy and light gray (basically any cool tones) then silver would be a better color to use, be it glitter or metallic or what have you. Gold is better for warm tones, so reds, pinks, oranges, etc.

So here’s to fall, and here’s to hopefully being able to come up with new nail art designs! I hope everyone has a great Monday! ❤

till next post, Katie


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