Hello Beautiful

This week’s quote isn’t so much a quote as it is just a little bit of inspiration and love.


Let this just serve as a reminder that you are beautiful. No matter what skin color, gender, orientation, hair color, eye color, weight, height, body shape, ethnic background, age…you we are all beautiful in our own unique and individual ways.

And as the new year begins, let’s all remember that while we are all beautiful, those around us are too. Let’s spend this year trying to not only better ourselves, but the lives of those around us as well. Even if it’s just a friendly wave or hello or nod while walking down the street.

A little bit of kindness and recognition can go a long way in someone’s otherwise awful day. Love yourself, but spread that love to the people around you as well.

Because while I preach that self love is one of the most important kinds of love (because how can you truly love anyone else if you don’t love yourself?) don’t let that lead you to forget that the reason why we as humans are capable of love at all is so that we can love others.

till next post, Katie



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