Dots & Hearts Nail Art

Here’s (probably) my last Valentine’s Day inspired nail art for the rest of the month, and this one actually took a long time to work on. Originally I planned on using a confetti polish full of cute little pink and red hearts…but we all know how well those work. So, instead of covering my black nails with failure I came up with this cute and sparkly design!

Dots & Hearts

I’ve certainly been obsessed with dots lately haven’t I? Or at least, according to last week’s nail art and the one from back in fall. I’ll have to try harder the rest of this year to avoid using dots on my nails!

This design is a bit easier to deal with than the last one, simply because there are a LOT fewer dots to place. All you have to do is start with a base color of black polish on all of your nails accept the ring and thumb nails, and coat your ring and thumb nails with a silvery polish (or any other metallic color, a pink shimmer/metallic would’ve worked well too). Then, using the brush of the pink polish (Brushstroke Blush by Fingerpaints) I made a heart on my middle finger. Next I used that same pink polish to create dots on my index and pinkie nails with a dotting tool. And of course, be sure to cover everything with a base coat!

till next post, Katie

4 thoughts on “Dots & Hearts Nail Art

  1. justmakeastrangersmile says:

    Hey, I like your design(s) and I would like to give you a little tip if that is ok. I only have one hand and sometimes it’s hard to paint something with detail on my nail so I make my own stickers. That way I can use my good hand to draw. I explained it in my blog how I do it so maybe you can explore your drawing skills and go that little extra mile :). (The blog is in Dutch but the pictures speak for themselves I think.) Anyway, keep up the good work!

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