When The Going Gets Tough

Life is hard. That’s something we all know. We all hit rough spots, and we all have bad days, sometimes weeks or more. So, when the going gets tough…get tougher.


Life gets rough, and when life starts throwing punches, just get tougher. Whatever hardships you face, you just have to trust that you’re going to be tougher than your issues at hand. You have to believe in yourself, that at the end of everything you’re going to come out stronger and better than before.

Sometimes the only thing to do when the going gets tough is to buck up, chin up and carry on. Find a way to push forward through the hardships and sweat it out. Just broke up with your significant other? The pain and heartbreak may be crippling and you may want to stay in bed all day every day. But even though it hurts, you’ve just got to push forward. You’ve got to toughen up and force yourself to get up every morning, to shower and go to work, to keep the rest of your life moving forward even while you mourn your loss and try to get over your ex.

Or even if you lost a family member or a friend, even something as simple as a test you’re freaking out about or huge project you have yet to finish.

Whatever tough problem you’re facing right now, try to find the strength to move forward and keep on with your every day life so that at least you don’t get caught in the waves of life while you sort out your personal problems and life.

till next post, Katie


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