Today Is A Gift

The theme for the past couple of QOTWs have been simple, but hold great meaning. Every day is a gift, a new chance, a fresh start.


This has been one of my all time favorite quotes, and one that I strive to live by. I generally have a hard time letting go of things that hurt or worry me. So if I’m stressing out about work one day, it’s likely that I’ll be stressing about it for the rest of the week. Maybe even a month depending on what it is. So while I’m not the best at practicing what I preach, I do make a solid effort to do so.

We focus too much on the mistakes we made yesterday, or worry too much about how said mistakes will affect tomorrow. Instead, we should be focusing on living in the moment. Because each moment is fleeting, and you only get to live through the day you’re in once. So instead of living in the past or living for tomorrow, why not live for today? Enjoy the world around you, stop and smell the roses. I mean, why not? Work will always be there, your video games will always be there. But the sunset? The same exact one will never be visible again. Sure tomorrow’s sunset will be beautiful, maybe even more beautiful. And maybe yesterday’s sunset was breathtaking. But today’s is special, it’s only around once. So enjoy each sunset, look forward to the next one, and remember how beautiful yesterday’s was.

till next post, Katie


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