Relax & Breathe

I don’t know about you guys, but for some reason the past two weeks have been crazy stressful for some reason. And for that reason I’ve been so stressed out and so ridiculously grumpy and moody. So I think this week’s quote will do us all a little bit of good.


Life is, well, life. Stressful. Hard. Adulting sucks in general. Be it exams in college, workplace issues, family matters, life tends to get kinda stressful now and then. In times like these it’s easy to get stuck in panic mode and stress out like crazy. To worry about everything that needs done, hasn’t been done, things that really should’ve been done months ago that you just haven’t gotten to. But just listen to me for a second.

Relax & Breathe

You’ll be ok. Nobody is dead right? You’re still alive. The world hasn’t ended. That exam will come, you’ll take it, you’ll either pass or fail but you know what? All you can do right now is study & prepare. So chill out, breathe, I’m sure you’ll do fine. 🙂 Or maybe work has you extra stressed out, but that’s fine. It’ll be over soon and hey, it could be worse right? It could always be worse. You could be without a job, trying to find one. Or heck maybe right now you are unemployed and finding a job has got you stressed beyond belief – trust me, I know – I’ve been there – I know just how it feels. But relax, breathe, you WILL find a job soon enough. I know it. There are lots of jobs out there.

Life is too short to allow ourselves to wallow in our stress, to let it eat away at our happiness until all that’s left is the stress slowly deteriorating us from the inside out until all that’s left is a shell of a lifeform. We can’t allow that to happen to us. Take some time to step away from everything. Go to your happy place, be it an actual place or close your eyes and disappear to that little beach of your dreams.

I’ve recently found that meditating has become a very helpful tool to let go of the day to day stresses. So even though in the back of my mind I do still worry some, and the stress of it all isn’t completely gone, it’s helped me push it to the side so it doesn’t interfere with my sleep as much. It also helps me keep my work life & home life more separate. After I meditate I find it so much easier to enjoy the things at home and focus on the goings on here rather than having my work problems at the front of my mind the entire time.

So trust me, I know how hard it is to just “relax & breathe” when you feel like everything that could ever possibly go wrong is indeed going wrong. But once you make yourself do it, you soon realize that it not only clears your mind, but you see that the world isn’t falling down around your feet like you were feeling it was.

till next post, Katie


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