Wet n Wild 2016 Spring Collection

Am I the only one that’s super happy for Spring to arrive? If there’s one thing I hate more than being overheated it’s being too cold…and this Winter has seemed like a much colder one for some reason (probably due to the crummy heater in our house).

Wet n Wild just released their polish collection for 2016 and I am in LOVE with all of the colors!* They only made 4, and I’m pretty sure they’re exclusive at Walgreens, so stop by and pick these beauties up soon!


First up is Love Fest. This is a creamy baby pink polish, and of course my favorite of the 4 – go figure. It is a pale pink, so it wasn’t opaque in one coat, but that’s to be expected. By coat 2 it was the beautiful pink you see above.


This one is Breeze On By, now my only periwinkle blue polish in my entire collection. Since this one is darker than Love Fest it only needed one coat to come to full color but of course it was even better with the second coat. I swear this picture doesn’t do Breeze On By any justice, but then again they hardly do any of these polishes justice.


Next up we have Kiss My Mints, a gorgeous mint blue and it’s by far my second favorite out of this collection. While the color is amazing, I did find that it didn’t come to full coverage until coat 2 (again, to be expected with a light color polish) and for some reason this one seemed a little streaky with the first coat. But that was quickly fixed after the second coat was applied.


And last but not least, there’s Lay Out In Lavender. Words cannot describe how much I love this polish…it’s just such a wonderful lavender creamy color and I feel like any skin tone could easily pull this color off. Lay Out In Lavender is probably my third favorite, but honestly I love all 4 so much.

I’m so excited to try some new Spring nail art with these polishes. In fact, I already did one using Love Fest the other day because I just couldn’t wait to start using them! Have you guys tried these polishes yet? What do you think of them?

till next post, Katie

*I am not being paid or receiving any form of compensation from the companies/organizations mentioned above. All thoughts are entirely my own. I am not affiliated with the above mentioned companies/organizations, and the products above were purchased by me* 


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