Don’t Be Afraid Of Falling

I’m back everybody! And to start the new week and new month off, here’s a new little piece of artwork hot off the digital presses, just in time for this week’s QOTW post. 😉


I feel like I hold myself back from doing a lot of things I want to, simply because I’m afraid I will fail. I’m afraid that I’ll fail and embarrass myself (which isn’t hard to do), and that everyone will think I’m a loser or failure. Generally speaking I’ve always been super hard on myself.

So, from now on, let’s not be afraid of making a fool of ourselves. Let’s relax and embrace who we really are. Let’s reach for that dream or goal. Let’s go up on the stage and sing our hearts out on karaoke night with our awful voices. Go and dance in the middle of the dance floor as if nobody is watching.

Because at the end of the day, even if you mess up or it doesn’t play out the way you thought it would be, it’s ok. Because you can always get back on your feet, brush yourself off, and start over again – or walk away if you choose. And no matter how well (or terribly) it goes, you’ll walk away with a new memory. Possibly even a hilarious story to tell later down the road.

till next post, Katie


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