Dark Eldar Succubus

Sorry for the late post you guys! I’ve been super busy today, getting the house clean and boring stuff… :/ But I’m here to share with you guys my latest painting achievement! I finished my Dark Eldar Succubus and I’m so so SOOOOO happy with how she turned out!


Like Omg can I just take a second to do the happy dance? Painting bare skin has always been something that terrified me since I started painting Warhammer models, in fact I’ve put off painting my model of Lelith Hesperax for the LONGEST time because I adore her and her lore and I’ve been terrified of ruining her.


But now I’m so much more confident! And can I put a little spotlight and a huge shoutout to Games Workshop’s technical paint, “Blood for the Blood God” on her weapon, chain and skull? Isn’t it beautiful? Like, seriously though, I think I’m obsessed with that paint. You can pretty much guarantee that it’ll be on nearly all of my models in the future. XD


I hope you guys liked what I did with her, she took forever to finish but the result was well worth the time and concentration it took to complete. 🙂

till next post, Katie


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