Making My Own Nail Polish

You all know how deeply in love with nail polish I am, in fact it was part of what got me to start this blog! So naturally I jumped at the chance to try my own hand making some custom colored nail polish. I found this kit on a fantastic site called Bramble Berry* for just under 25 USD.


The kit comes with a bottle of nail polish base, 8 glass bottles, 8 sets of brushes/lids, 6 small plastic funnels, metal mixing beads, and 7 pouches of colorants. The kit that I bought came with black, coral, blue, fuchsia and purple micas and a silver and purple glitter.

Let the polish making begin!


Because the polish base is fairly thick, you absolutely do NOT want to attempt to use the funnels to pour in the base (in fact they are included in the box to add the colorant to the bottles). After that you can start mixing any colors you want.

I tried using the funnels at first but the mica is so fine that it easily clogs up the spout, so I ended up just using a 1/4 tsp spoon to add small amounts of color to the bottles as I saw fit – it was gonna be a mess either way, so why not.

After adding however much/little colorant/glitter to your bottle you just put the brush and lid on and mix until all the color has dispersed. The colors you end up with are absolutely beautiful.


So here’s what I ended up with (from left to right)-

Metallic Lilac, Coral with silver & purple glitter, Dark Blue, Fuchsia with purple glitter, Dark Purple, Dark Gray with silver glitter, Purple-Infused Blue, and Coral. Now it’s swatchy swatchy time!!! 🙂 Let’s see how the formula is on these babies.


First I swatched the plain, non-glittered polishes. From left to right: Metallic Lilac, Purple-Infused Blue, Dark Purple, Dark Blue, and Coral.


Next up was the glitters, which I only had three of. So ignore my thumb and pinky in this lol. From left to right: Coral with silver and purple glitter, Dark Gray with silver glitter, Fuchsia with purple glitter.

So, sadly the formula on these isn’t like what you’d find in a store bought polish. The polish is pretty thin, and no matter how much of the mica I added I couldn’t get it to a point where it was opaque in less than 3 coats. However, the colors were pretty vibrant once you get them on after 3 coats. And, because it is pretty thin the layers dry fairly fast.

The glitter in the glitter polishes I mixed stayed suspended really well, and dispersed onto the nail better than most store-bought glitter polishes actually do.

Overall, I think for a home-made polish kit these are pretty good. You end up with some cute polishes and even though they are kind of thin, like I said the layers dry fast enough that it’s not a huge issue in my book. Especially since after 3 coats it does become opaque. It’d be interesting to see if there was a large difference with plain matte colors, because like we polish lovers know metallic colors do tend to be thin anyhow.

I’m excited that I have 8 brand new polishes to add to my collection, and I’m definitely going to be looking for colors that I can use to make a matte color as opposed to the metallics provided in this kit. 🙂

till next post, Katie

* I am in no way affiliated with Bramble Berry, nor am I receiving any form of compensation for making a post on their product/s. The items mentioned above were bought with my own money.


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