FYFF: The Joy Of Free-Hand Cooking

This week’s post will be just a little different. I know I usually post a recipe, but for the cooking style I’m featuring today (I call it “Free-Handing”) there never is a set recipe. You go in with an idea in mind and throw things at it until it feels and tastes good. 

For me, this happens most often when making chili or fajitas. There’s something that’s just so satisfying about not following a paper recipe, and just grabbing whatever spices smell good and tossing them it to see what happens. It’s even more satisfying when it works out well. 

It reminds me that just like painting or writing, cooking is an art form. And sure, anyone can follow a recipe. But it isn’t quite the same until you put your heart and soul into it. When you let your stomach and taste buds lead you to your final destination. 

For the fajitas (well the meat is fajita style but they’re wrapped like burritos) above I literally just tossed chicken into a pan and added cumin, pepper, onion powder and other seasonings until it smelled good and added chopped onions and peppers. There are no set amounts marked anywhere as to how much I put in of everything. And that’s part of what makes cooking fun. 


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