Wet n Wild Summer 2016 Collection

Happy Wednesday everyone! I needed a little bit of a break from blogging, and it’s given me the opportunity to refresh some ideas and basically just give myself a needed break. In fact, from now on I’m considering taking a month or two break every May & June…but we’ll see about that next year eh? Today I’m going to be sharing some swatches of Wet n Wild’s Summer* line for 2016! I fell in love with their Spring collection they released earlier, but to be honest I’m much more of a summer person – I love bright and wild colors! Let’s take a look. 🙂

Leaf Me Be

Leaf Me Be is a super bright neon green, so obviously I had to apply this over a base of white to let it show its true neon potential. I’m not sure when I’ll wear this…but maybe I’ll think of some wild nail art for it? 🙂

Poppy Culture

Yay for another bright one! This polish is a gorgeous orange-hued red polish, and she’s pretty much 100% opaque with a single coat (score!)

Wild Wild Violet

Bright purples are some of my favorite colors, and Wild Wild Violet fits the bill very nicely. This one did take two coats to get completely opaque, but the color is definitely worth it. For whatever reason, however, this one did end up staining ALL of my nails HOT PINK… =_= needless to say that I’ve been even more anal about keeping polish on my nails for the past week or so…lol.

Cherry Blossom On Top

Not only is the name on this bright neon pink perfect, but oh my gosh so is the color! I’d say I’m in love with this one more than Wet n Wild’s It’s Sherbert-Day “wonder gel” polish. Ironically enough, this one did not stain my nails.

I love love love all four of these gorgeous bright summer polishes, and I can’t wait to try out some nail art with them for you guys!

**I was not paid for nor am I receiving compensation for reviewing the products mentioned above or writing about them. They were purchased by me, for me, and all opinions and views stated above are my own and 100% honest.**


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