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independence flowers

Good evening my loves. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and I’ve realized that every now and then I seem to go through a little bit of an identity crisis.

But maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it helps me sit back and take another look around in my life and prompts me to redirect myself to the point where I’d like to be. I know I still want to blog. I know that I want to get my YouTube channel off the ground and make more videos (I’ve only got 1 posted). I want to get myself to a point where I can start selling candles. I want to eat better, cook more, get fit, craft more, read more…just…MORE.

I want to challenge myself to do MORE. To push myself and be more productive. I’ve allowed myself to be too easily seduced by my procastinative nature. I’m tired all the time as a result of not eating as well as I should be and that results in time spent napping when I could be blogging or working on models or painting or – anything.

This past Independence Day has made me realize something. Our ancestors and founding fathers fought much too hard to bring our country into existence just for me to get lazy and not take hold of everything that I can. I have to power and opportunity to do everything that I mentioned above and yet I’ve allowed myself to enjoy the art of doing nothing. To waste my time on Netflix when I could be enhancing the skills I so wish were enhanced. Binge watching a TV show when I could be practicing the piano or violin I desperately wanted to learn how to play. Taking naps when I could be working on blog posts for you guys. Wasting time browsing FaceBook or Tumblr for hours instead of filming videos that could be posted on YouTube.

And while yes – doing nothing once in a while is wonderful and should be done (you’ll never hear me say not to take a moment to smell the roses) it shouldn’t become a way of life. Doing nothing becomes meaningless if you aren’t doing something with the rest of your life. People complain about busy lifestyles but in reality they would suffer without it.

So…in an attempt to remedy the problems I see in my own lifestyle, I’m taking the first step by making it a point to make my scheduled posts. Usually if it’s this late in the day I wouldn’t bother writing. But that’s the old me.

Now you can look forward to new posts every Wednesday and Friday, and of course a Quote of the Week post every Sunday to kick the new week off right. As of now I don’t know if I’ll be posting on Saturday or not – we’ll take it slow yes?

Here’s to a new me. A new, healthier, fitter, well rounded me. And now I challenge you to do the same. Look around and take a moment to see all the things you always wanted to do but let yourself skip over because you’d rather binge watch your newest addiction on Netflix. Let’s make ourselves better and in doing so give ourselves even more energy to do the very things we want to do but find that we lack the energy to do.

This is the new Katie signing off. ❤

till next post, Katie


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