All Failed Relationships Hurt

Aaaand it’s Sunday again. As we get ready for the week ahead I’d like to touch on something a little more close to home with me recently. I’ve got a friend who’s going through a little bit of a rough time with a romantic interest. They started seeing each other and unfortunately while my friend was developing feelings the other person wasn’t – and had no intention of doing so.

So while they never got in a relationship at all, I feel like this week’s quote fits the bill anyhow. This one isn’t actually of my own creation but something I found on Pinterest:


{img source:}

So whether you’ve recently lost a relationship with someone or you’re in a situation like my friend, know that while yes, you’ve lost a part of your life or what you thought would become part of your life, it’s not really a loss. Sure it hurts, and depending on the situation it probably hurts like hell.

But if that person didn’t appreciate you for who you were, and didn’t respect the person you are, then not having that person in your life isn’t a huge loss (if one at all) but a  gain. Nobody needs that kind of negativity in their life – and especially not in a close relationship.

If you’re with someone that doesn’t appreciate you for every bit of wonderfullness that you are then they’re not going to treat you with the love and respect that you deserve. They’re going to take you for granted over and over again.

So I know it sucks to have lost a relationship. And it also sucks to realize that the person you’re developing feelings for will never feel the same. But while it will hurt for a while, eventually you’ll see that it was a good thing it didn’t go any further. The experience shaped you into who you were meant to be when you do meet that special someone and you’re freeing yourself of always feeling underappreciated by the one person that you should always feel super loved by.

It sucks right now – I know. I’ve been there. But when you go out with other people and actually find someone that knows just how special you are, you’re going to be glad that you aren’t still with that other person.

till next post, Katie


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