Pokemon Go Is Actually A Good Game

If any of you are following me on Instagram then you already know that – much like 99.9% of the world – I’ve been recently obsessed with Pokemon Go, which just came out last week. My past week has been full of late night “hunting” expeditions with Zach and our friends, and a few times we’ve even made unplanned trips out of the house because a new Pokemon was on our list of Nearby Pokemon. XD

For those that have been living under a social rock for the past week, Pokemon Go is a mobile game that uses your phone’s GPS and camera to lead you on a hunt to find Pokemon of your very own in the “real world”. You then can use the front facing camera to make is appear as though the Pokemon is in front of you or switch the feature off (saving lots of battery) and have it appear on a basic grassy background.

Some people, however, feel like Pokemon Go just isn’t the game that it should be. Others want it to feel and play a bit more like the console-based games of the past where you have turn by turn battles and where leveling and evolving your Pokemon was based on battling them.

While I do think it would be great for those features to be in this game, I also feel like that’s not quite the point of Pokemon Go. To me, the game is more about collecting the different types of Pokemon and having your own adventures in catching them all. It’s about the journey and excitement of catching all your favorite childhood Pokemon, and meeting new people and bringing them together like never before.

Over the past week Zach and I have met so many people around town and we’ve bonded – all because of a game. Everywhere we go there are people on their phones searching for Pokemon, and anywhere you go you’re able to strike up a conversation with them and excitedly talk about which Pokemon you’ve found. Groups of complete strangers have gathered together at the Poke-stops (little GPS “check points” where you can collect items and are more likely to find Pokemon) and everyone helps find that wandering Eevee or that surprising Snorlax.

Pokemon Go is a wonderful game because of it’s unique and beautiful power of bringing thousands of people together and bringing people out of their homes just to walk around their own town and meet other like-minded people. Pokemon Go has gotten people off of their couches and out into the real world, making them exercise and discover their towns.

In this way Pokemon Go is possibly the most powerful game we’ve ever come across. The world suddenly has become this amazing and friendly place. You can be looking for that Squirtle and someone will notice and tell you “if you’re looking for the Squirtle it’s over this way…” You realize that you’ve got a lot more in common with people that you thought. You realize that you’re never alone.

It’s just so beautiful to me how all of these people – complete and absolute strangers – have come together over the nostalgia of an old game. So many 20-somethings are living out their childhood dreams of being a Pokemon trainer and catching the favorite Pokemon of their youth. So while no, you can’t battle your friends in the turn based system of the past (yet) and evolving your Pokemon is reliant of catching more of the same Pokemon as opposed to battling them it’s truly a wonderful game. Simply because of it’s power to bring us all together.

Now that the sappy stuff is out of the way….let’s get to the bragging session. I’m probably going to make semi-frequent updates with you guys here on the Pokemon that I’ve caught or evolved so you can definitely look forward to seeing more Pokemon here! ^_^


First things first, I’m obligated to tell you that once I hit level 5 I sorted myself into Team Mystic, the team lead by Blanche. Team Mystic is guided by calmness and wisdom. The other two teams are Instinct (guided by faith and trust – and as I like to joke – pixie dust) and Valor (guided by strength and power).


These are actually among my favorite of the first few that I caught. And in fact, I haven’t been able to even find another Tentacruel or even a Tentacool anywhere. I’ve come across a couple of Cubones, and one or two Nidorina.


Surprisingly, the University of Florida campus (where Zach and I do a lot of our “hunting”) is home to a lot of Onix, so I’ve actually been able to catch 3 or 4 of them. Goldeen has always been a personal favorite of the Pokemon (I’ve realized that I’m typically very drawn to water type Pokemon). I’m especially excited about having the Meowth, and I look forward to evolving it. 🙂


These three were kind of surprise finds, and all of which where a little difficult to catch – I used at least 3 pokeballs on each of them. The Jigglypuff I caught when I was pretty low level, so that explains how I used 3 pokeballs on a CP 12 Pokemon lol.


These 3 have actually been pretty rare in my area. Zach and I are the only people that I know of that have a Rhyhorn, and we’ve both been able to evolve a Caterpie into a Metapod and then into a Butterfree (which for some reason I was hell bent on getting even though it’s not considered the best Pokemon). The Magnemite however is one that I’ve yet to meet another person with, and even I had to hatch it out of an egg (eggs are found at the Poke-stops and you have to walk a certain distance before they hatch – yay for forcing people to exercise!).


Now of course, I was thrilled to find myself a Pikachu – who was always one of my favorites. Simply because Pokemon Yellow for the Gameboy Color was my very first Pokemon game. Zach and I found Kadabra by my friend’s house…that was one of those impromptu expeditions to find a new Pokemon lol (we spent 30 minutes looking for it). Machop, on the other hand, just popped up at the Poke-stop we were sitting at last night. So we got pretty lucky with him.


Last but not least, these three are by far my favorites right now. We’ve got Flareon, who I covet simply because Eevee and all the Eeveeloutions are by far my favorites (and I plan on having all three – Vapaoreon and Jolteon are the only ones available right now). The Lapras, however, she is my pride and joy. ❤ I hatched her out of a 10k egg – which is the type of egg you get possibly the best Pokemon out of. And now the last one – Arcanine…Zach and I were actually on our way home from hunting on campus and he popped up on our map so we literally turned around and stayed out an extra 20 minutes until we found him XD.

So what do you guys think of Pokemon Go? What’s the favorite Pokemon that you’ve caught? Let me know in the comments below and have a great rest of your day!

till next post, Katie


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