Bee Yourself

Happy Sunday everyone! This week’s quote is another one close to the heart. Living in a college town, you’re constantly surrounded by people from all walks of life. But today let’s focus on a dear and lovely friend of mine. This person is a wonderful person and everyone that knows them loves them dearly. But because of their orientation and their religious upbringing their family doesn’t approve of them.


So I just want to take a moment to speak to all of you out there that aren’t of the “Type A” persona. Those of us that identify as heterosexual will never, ever be able to fully understand what it’s like to be cast out of our own family because of who we are attracted to. Our parents wouldn’t disown us simply because the person we’ve fallen in love with is of the “wrong” gender. So no, we will never be able to understand your struggles of every-day life. But we can most definitely do everything we can to try. To empathize with you and take it upon ourselves to make it our goal to at least make the time you spend with us time that is not spend in judgement.

I know how important it is, to feel like your parents love you for who you are, to be accepted by your parents. But please know that they are your parents, and deep down they will always care about you. Also know though, that it’s better and healthier to try to move on and work on making yourself happy. Because sometimes no matter how hard we try we will never get that approval from our family members, and it will only continue to hurt you as time goes on and you are continuously reminded that the one thing you want is the one thing you will never be able to win from them.

I implore you to stop killing yourselves and mentally abusing yourselves over the fact that you parents don’t approve of you. You can’t change yourself, so you will never change how they feel. Stop caring if they approve or not, focus on making yourself happy. And if that means dating people that they don’t approve of then so be it. You have to realize that you are the only one that you have to live with for the rest of your life.

Accept yourself for who you are, just be yourself and stay true to yourself.

till next post, Katie


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