Aqua Glitter Nails

It’s finally Friday!!! And while my poor nails are still getting over being dry and peely (like, for real – I haven’t been able to grow them out AT ALL) for the past couple weeks, let’s use this as an opportunity to show you guys the nail art that I never posted!

I’ve been trying to play around a lot with more styles and ways of doing art, and here I’m using a combination of a glitter polish and rhinestones.


I’d also like to mention that I’ve discovered a new love for piCture pOlish and Live Love Polish (**note: NOT a paid/sponsored post**). And this design features two polishes by Picture Polish. The first one being the one displayed here, Tiffany (a beautiful and amazing Tiffany Blue – duh). The second one being the glitter polish on my index and pinky nails, also made by Picture Polish, called Ariel’s Tale. Being as obsessed with Disney and glitter as I am, of course I had to get it. (also looking forward to pop out some mermaid-themed nails with this polish 😉 ) And then I filled the seemingly empty space on my other nails with two pale blue rhinestones on my thumb, middle, and ring fingers.

It has literally taken all of my will power to keep from ordering a gigantic amount of polish from Picture Polish – all of the polishes are amazing and I’m in love with them all!

And again, sorry for the short post guys. There’s just a lot going on right now in the real world for me (like, I-haven’t-painted-my-nails-in-two-weeks-amount) so while I’m recouping and regrouping I’m just glad to have these little gems lying around that I’ve forgotten about. But hopefully soon I’ll be able to give you guys even better posts!!! ❤

till next post, Katie


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