Braver, Stronger, Smarter

This week’s quote comes deep from within my fondest childhood memories and quotes.


Christopher Robin pretty much sums up the point quite well, don’t you think?

To always remember that you’re braver than you actually believe that you are, that you’re much stronger than you seem on the outside, and that you are so much smarter than you think.

We usually don’t give ourselves enough credit for the wonderful gifts that we have in this life, and far too often do we put ourselves down for not living up to our own standards. There have been a few times when I’ve been down in the dumps and just putting myself down that it really took someone else to sit me down and tell me, “Hey, you’re wonderful! You’re so much better and so much more than you see yourself to be!”

Have faith in yourself, and believe in yourself and your abilities…or nobody else will. Sometimes all it takes is a kind word from someone else – a stranger or a loved one – to make us realize that, you know what, we really are awesome. So write this down or print this out, frame it, put it on your refrigerator door, make it your phone’s background. I don’t care if you have to give yourself a twenty-minute pep talk to yourself in your mirror every day. Just keep reminding yourself that no matter what your head tells you, you are amazing and brave and strong and smart. You always will be. And I hope that one day all of that self doubt and that bad habit of putting yourself down goes away.

till next post, Katie


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