July Ipsy Glam Bag Reveal & Review

So I originally meant for this post to go up yesterday, but because work was exceptionally stressful (I’m talking 12+ hour days every day) and tiring I just never got around to it, and while normally I would’ve written it and gotten it posted yesterday afternoon, I really just needed to catch up on some Z’s.

So today I’m making up for it! 🙂 Here’s my reveal & review post of July’s Ipsy Glam Bag!!!


July’s bag theme was Hot Summer Nights, and after taking one look at the bag I knew I was in deep holo-love (do I have any holosexuals out there? – shout out to Simply Nailogical for helping me realize my holosexuality ❤ ) . For me, July held some pretty awesome products, from nail polish (uh, hello, automatic win) to eyeliner. Let’s dig in shall we?

The first product was nail polish by Trust Fund Beauty in No Filter, a super pretty mauve/purple/nude creme polish. Now, part of the reason why this reveal post took so long to get up is because when it originally arrived, my nail polish bottle had cracked during delivery *sad face*. However, Ipsy is so awesome that I was able to email them and receive a replacement for free (no paying for shipping or anything) and I got it the same week!



No Filter is soooooo pretty guys! And, not to mention that the formula that Trust Fund Beauty has is fantastic! It’s 100% opaque in one coat – though my OCD wouldn’t let me get away with only one, force of habit made me do 2. It’s a little thicker than normal polishes, but again that’s what you get with a creme polish, especially if you expect it to be opaque in one coat. And the wear was pretty good too, with minimal chipping by day 3…admittedly I sort of peeled it off after that from work related stress. But interesting side note – it peeled off rather than chipping off.

Next up is the Excessive Lash mascara by Make Up For Ever.


To be honest, yes it’s a great mascara and made my lashes look great. Were they excessively long or voluminous? Meh…maybe? To me, most mascara is just mascara. But maybe I’m biased because I have a deep relationship with Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and Urban Decay Perversion mascara. *shrugs*

Next is a product that I’ve actually been needing to purchase – a setting powder. This one is a slightly yellow toned powder, super fine and helps cancel out redness and uneven skin tone, even over foundation and such.



Again, this powder by Bella Pierre is super super fine and soft,  which means it doesn’t look cakey on your face. You can also use this to mattify your face if you’re looking a little unnecessarily dewy. Definitely a good product to use over cream or liquid foundations/blushes/etc.

Another product I seem to be addicted to is eyeliner. Felt tip liquid liner, to be specific. I just love how easy they are to use and how simple it is to get those crisp, sharp lines for the cat/winged eyeliner look I so adore. This liner is made by Model Launcher and is called Emerald Isle, you guessed it, it’s a gorgeous emerald green.


Giant big heart eyes guys. I always love experimenting with different colors in my makeup, and a great way to bring an interesting pop of color is by using different colored eyeliners. This liner is actually just dark enough to not cause a stir in, say, a formal environment, but colorful enough to add a little extra sumthin sumthin to your look. It would also look great on blue or hazel eyes to accentuate any green tones.

Last but not least, included in the bag for July were these Anti-Frizz Sheets for your hair by Nunzio Saviano.


They smell fantastic (but I’m a sucker for coconut so…) and are basically wet wipes for your hair to temporarily soothe any frizz. I didn’t notice any long lasting effects with this, and in fact the wipe was almost too wet, making it look like I had just showered about an hour ago. Maybe I was too heavy handed? The good news is that I’ve got three left to try and perfect the use of.

All in all, July’s bag was another awesome bag – leaving me excited for August’s bag. I’d definitely have to say that my favorites were the nail polish and eyeliner. What were your favorite products? Let me know below!

Interested in trying Ipsy? Here’s the link!

till next post, Katie

*Disclaimer – I am not affiliated with any of the above companies/organizations mentioned above. I am not receiving any form of compensation or payment to write this post. All of the thoughts mentioned above are 100% honest and my own. I purchase this subscription item once a month with my own money.*


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