Pokemon Go! – Update

Hiya! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday! I thought I’d stop on in and show you my most recent favorite Pokemon that I’ve caught/hatched/evolved. 🙂

First and foremost: I finally got all of the current eveeloutions available in the game!

eveeloutions VFJ

Yayyyy!!!! It makes me super happy to see these three in my list of Pokemon. ❤

Up next we’ve got a little bit of variety….


The Dratini was caught during my last hunt night with Zach and a friend, after of course chasing it around for about 15 minutes. XD The Ponyta I actually hatched in a 5k egg! Yay! And last but not least, the little Gloomy Gloom over on the end I simply evolved from an Oddish.

I also recently evolved my male Nidoran to a Nidorino…


And last but not least…the second Pokemon that I’ve hatched out of a 10k egg ended up being…


A friggen Aerodactyl!!! Woop Woop! Of course, Zach was jealous (he’s only hatched 1 10k egg…and it was a Pinsir XD ).

What interesting Pokemon have you guys caught?

till next post, Katie

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