You Are Not A Tree

Once again it’s Sunday. And once again it’s time for a new Quote of the Week. This week features a quote that I find pretty inspirational.

not a tree

I think, as a species, we humans have a tendency to blame everyone but ourselves when things are going wrong. We forget that if we have a problem with something, or aren’t happy with where we are in life (be it a job or where you live), we possess the power to change it.

If you place of work is so awful and so stressful that you’re thinking about leaving…well, do it. Nobody is stopping you from looking for and applying to new jobs elsewhere except for yourself. And if you are constantly wishing that you didn’t live where you currently are, then why not look for a new place? Even if you’re tied into a lease for the rest of the year, you have the choice to either resign for another full year or to actually find a place that would be better for you.

Even if you’re in a situation that was brought down upon you by someone else, you have it in your power to change whether or not you’re going to let it crush you or if you’re going to overcome it. Please don’t ever let yourself think that you are incapable of helping yourself or making your situation in life better on your own. Don’t allow yourself to believe that you are stuck or tied down by any one thing in life.

If you don’t want to leave the job that makes you so unhappy, that’s your choice regardless of the excuses you make to stay. And if you’re frustrated with the education that you do or don’t have, you can always go back to school – although it may be hard. We are often guilty of staying in one unhappy situation simply because we are afraid of what could go wrong if we leave it. Be it a job, a relationship, a living situation. What if the new job is really not what you wanted? What if you leave a relationship and it turns out that it was really the best you’ll ever have? What if, god forbid, the house you thought was your dream home is riddled with problems?

So what? Even in those situations you have the choice to change it. Complaining and whining and crying about your problems won’t ever solve anything or help anyone, especially you. So, stop acting like a tree and move.

till next post, Katie


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