First Impressions: Pastel Ombre Nail Effect Polish

We all know I love nail art. And I love the ombre effect that’s been swimming around the interwebs for a while now. However, we also all know that I kinda maybe suck at achieving it myself. So who’s to blame me when I see a product that may help me cheat a little? Absolutely no one. That’s why I decided to pick this little guy up whilst roaming around Ulta one day.

It’s a nail polish that is supposed to coat-by-coat gradually lighten the color of any nail polish, therefore making a pastel-ombre effect possible and easy.

essence nail art ombre effect polish1

And it’s supposed to be super easy. Just pick your base color and apply 2 coats, then after your base color dries just layer on the Ombre Effect polish to your desired effect. They also suggest using a darker base color for a better and more visible effect.

For my first test I did a nail by nail swatch, adding one extra layer of the effect polish to each nail than the last. So on my thumb nail I didn’t apply any, index had 1, middle had 2, etc. etc. You can see below how it worked out. {for those wondering, the polish I used as a base is Ripped Denim by Trust Fund Beauty}

essence nail art ombre effect polish2

1 coat didn’t seem to make too much of a difference, but after 2 coats you can definitely tell that it starts getting a lot lighter. I quickly realized that this polish is literally just a super watered down white polish, so each individual coat is quite transparent but when layered on top you would eventually get a solid white color. (maybe this was a white polish formula that Essence just couldn’t make work so they relabeled it lol)

However, the real test is how it looks when trying to achieve an ombre effect look.

essence nail art ombre effect polish3

(forgive the blur…my camera wouldn’t cooperate today).

Anywho…clearly it’ll take some practice to achieve an ombre look. But, I do think that it would actually work really well if used properly. Alternatively, it could also be used to create some interesting looks. I’ll definitely be trying this out with some new ideas I’ve got brewing now!

All in all, sure it seems like a kind of gimmicky product. However. It does work, even if not by some magical way. Plus, it could also be used just to get more tones out of the polishes you already have. Got a dark blue but need a shade just a tad lighter? You could definitely pop this on top to get the desired effect.

till next post, Katie


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