Summer 2016 Fab Fit Fun Box

Summer is finally at an end you guys! I can’t believe that it’s September (and Halloween is NEXT MONTH)…it’s crazy how fast this year has been moving.

I am currently subscribed to the Fab Fit Fun box, a seasonal box that I get 4 times a year that is chock full of (usually) full sized goodies to go along with the season. The FFF Summer box was full of all sorts of super summery items…let’s take a look.


I didn’t get full detailed photos on some items, but only the ones I had strong feelings towards.

Summer’s box included…

  • Summer & Rose Yoga Towel (mine says “More Happy, Less Worry”) – $36 value
  • Trina Turk Tote Bag (Sunshine and Saltwater) – $55 value
  • OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream – $48 value
  • Stemulation Daily Micro Derm Scrub – $34 value
  • FabFitFun Every Day Beach Waves Spray – $18 value
  • Passport to Beauty Gypsetter Luminous Lips in Free Spirit – $18 value
  • Betches Ice Pop Molds – $19 value
  • Burt’s Bees BB Cream Samples
  • Compeed Blister Cushion Sample

I was really excited to get both the yoga towels and tote bag – I’ve been needing one of both, and they are adorable, but I didn’t get much chance to use them over summer (maybe next year?).


The Stemulation Exfoliator is probably my favorite product out of the entire box – I got a full 8 oz tube of it!! It’s super gentle (enough to use every. single. day. – I think I’m addicted) and it smells fresh and citrusy…kind of like those orange slice gummies, but in a pleasant way.

The Everyday Beach Wave Spray was probably one of my lesser-liked items. But then again I’ve never been a fan of beach wave spray products. It made my hair feel extremely dirty – and not in the “I’ve been at the beach all day” way.

As for the OSEA moisturizer…I’m kind of on the fence. It’s a decent moisturizer and I like that it’s got a very natural and mineral-ly smell to it. But I found that my skin was breaking out more often than when I was just using my normal moisturizers.



The next product I felt like I had to single out was the lipgloss. Now, I’m generally not a fan of lipglosses to start with, so I didn’t have high hopes for. I did like the color, so I had to give it a shot. Let me tell you…this is the stickiest lipgloss I have used since my middle school days. It kind of felt like I had smeared glue on my lips. Needless to say, I will not be keeping this one – luckily I have gal pals that are into lipgloss. ๐Ÿ™‚


Lastly…how stinking adorable is this Champagne Bottle Pop Mold? I filled it with raspberry tea to test it, but I can definitely see using actual champagne and fruit to make an alcoholic pop. I also love how they’re silicone, which makes removing the pops super easy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall, it was a really good box. It was just unfortunate that I wasn’t able to use a few of them over the summer and give you guys a good review on them. ๐Ÿ™‚

till next post, Katie


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