Every Day Is A New Adventure


Happy Sunday my geeks. I hope everybody’s week went well. This week’s Quote of the Week is another adventure “themed” one.

This one is here to serve a simple reminder – that every day is a brand new adventure, waiting to be found out by ourselves. No two days are exactly the same, each one comes with new events and struggles. New problems arise that we must solve. And no two people ever face the same sort of struggles.

But when we awake each day, we are presented with the opportunity to make better decisions and try new methods of getting around our problems from the day before. We are gifted a new clean slate for each day. A chance to see the world a little differently than we did the day before.

In this way each day is a completely different adventure. Perhaps not in the sense of dungeons and dragons like we played as children, but in the sense of different challenges and tasks all the same.

Enjoy this new adventure, embrace the change and freshness of each day. Live as if this is the grandest adventure you’ll ever have.

till next post, Katie


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