Purple Fall Matte Mani

It’s Hump Day! And with Fall quickly approaching, I thought I’d go ahead and get a head start by prepping my nails for the beautiful seasons coming our way. I wanted to do something simple but also different from my usual designs, so I opted for a matte mani today.


The great thing about this design? It’s soooo easy! You just need two complimenting polishes (I used two shades of purple), tape, and a matte-ifying nail top coat. Note: a dotting tool is optional, you can also use the brush tip itself or a bobby-pin. However you want to make the dots is up to you!


Products Used:

  • Gloomy Kitty by Pretty Serious
  • No Filter by Trust Fund Beauty
  • Matte Me Crazy by NYC
  • Tape
  • Dotting tool

How To:

  1. After applying a base coat and allowing to dry, apply two coats of Gloomy Kitty – let dry COMPLETELY {you can use a quick dry top coat to help speed things along if you’d like}
  2. After your base color is 100% dry, apply tape to your nail to create a triangle shape on your nail. Paint over the open triangle with No Filter and peel the tape off immediately after – otherwise you won’t get sharp crisp lines.
  3. Using the end of the polish brush or a dotting tool/bobby pin, apply a small dot of No Filter to the tips of each triangle, either connecting them or letting them “float” a bit – whichever you prefer.
  4. Once No Filter is dried, apply one coat of Matte Me Crazy and allow to dry.

Like I said, super easy. If you decide to give this look a try, tag me on your social media! I’d love to see your takes on it!

till next post, Katie


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