If It’s Not Worth Ruining Your Manicure…

Hello and happy Sunday my geeks! This one’s more of a cheeky feminine quote, but I have to admit that as a nail art and polish addict, I find that this is one of the most relatable quotes I’ve ever posted. XD


I find myself thinking this to myself every time I’m waiting for my nails to dry. My nose itches, or I have the sudden urge to pee. I think – “is the satisfaction I’d get from doing ____ enough to outweigh the risk of ruining the polish I just put on?”. And most of the times that answer is no. I can wait until the nose itch passes and I can wait until my polish is dry to use the bathroom.

The same logic applies to real life situations. Someone said something that just rubbed you the wrong way, or maybe your roommate didn’t sweep like they said they would. It’s annoying, and maybe it’s happened more than once so it’s extra irritating. But when these things come up, think about it. If your nails were wet with fresh polish and the trade off for telling that person off about what they said or making your roommate take care of the chores they said they would do is ruining the design you spent an hour working on…is it really worth the effort?

If it is – by all means go at it. But for the majority of life’s issues they really aren’t. You learn to roll with the punches and get over it.

This quote is designed to remind you to actually think about the consequences before acting on anything. And this logic could be applied in a multitude of ways – not just polish. It could be a tradeoff of losing your WiFi or the dishes being done once, or all of your video games broken or having somebody apologize over something stupid they said. Think before acting…you wouldn’t want to ruin that mani.

till next post, Katie

this week’s QOTW was made with a combination of PicMonkey (to create the Polish Bottle) and Adobe Spark (for the word placement)


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